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Sri Lanka's rich, vivid, full of customs & rituals

Monday, April 30, 2018 Posted by admin under General  Culture & Customs  Foods & Beverages 

If you are a travel enthusiasts who love to explore new cultures, Ceylon is a great choice. Not only it’s a tiny island in the Indian ocean with breath taking natural beauty, but also it has a rich and a vivid culture dating back to the time where kings ruled this land. It truly is a land like no other, where people belonging to different religions and nationalities live in harmony. This harmony has helped create a unique Ceylon culture in which all the different aspects of these different religious and national groups are interconnected. So much so that there are only very subtle dividing lines between each group regarding clothes and food. In fact some Ceylon people celebrate each other’s cultural or religious events just for the sake of harmony and also fun. For example some Buddhist kids decorate Christmas trees at their homes and leave food out for Santa while Christian kids give dansal (free food / drink stalls by the road side) during wesak and poson festivals.

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