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Sunday, June 24, 2018 Posted by admin under History / Mystery  Heritage & Destinations 

1) Evidence of human species's presense inside the caves since 123,000 BC 2) Many entry points to the caves throughout the island 3) Inerconnected underground tunnels last many miles 4) There are sources of ancient text describing how this was built 5) Palace built on top of a monolith with underneath an architectural city 6) Structures of the flying sources were documented in Ancient times 7) There are places named as 'Wariyapola', 'Thotupola'... (Meaning Airport) 8) Locals believe that the panathi panasha is a map of the universe which functioned as a star gate 9) Nalanda Gedige was built on the least down to be placed on earth 10) Gardens with ayurvedic plants been developed on purpose

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Sri Lanka's One Hundred Percent Ecological Natural Agriculture

Monday, April 30, 2018 Posted by admin under History / Mystery  Culture & Customs  Agriculture & Estates 

Nothing artificial. Just grow your plants and get the harvest. No fertilizer. No pest controlling. No chemicals. No traps. No watering. Don't kill any living creature. Just let them grow. Let them grow as they grow up in the forest. So that it's not agriculture right? Well, you plant what's necessary in your land. And the plants are growing up like it's growing up in the forest. This is an ancient methodology. Comes from the teachings done by the farther to son. Except the modern world wide used Gregorian Calendar, in Sri Lanka, there's an ancient Calendar. That too has 12 months specified in it. The ancient Calendar is counting by the Sun's location, moon's location and star constellations. Well, Sun and these constellations hardly moves right? Well, yes indeed. But the calculations done in the Sri Lankan ancient calendar has made the assumption that the earth is static.

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