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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Posted by admin under Heritage & Destinations  Nature / Wildlife  Sports / Adventure 

10 FACTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT WHALES AND DOLPHINS. 1) 10 Facts you need to know about blue whales and dolphins 2) You've seen them coming out of water every now and then with a splash of water. They come out to breath! 3) Baby Blue Whale Weights 8 Tons and 25 Feet in Length. Baby Dolphin Weights 35 Pounds and 3-4 feet in length. 4) Whales and Dolphins have horizontal tail fins which makes them different from other fish biologically. 5) It's widely believed that both dolphins and blue whales once lived in land and then moved into sea due to their body weight. 6) Blue whales are the largest animals on earth and the largest blue whale lives in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. 7) Ceylon's largest blue whale's tongue alone should weight more than an elephant and it's heart should be in size of a car. 8) Not only the largest blue whale but also world's largest blue whale colony is located there in Mirissa coast. 9) Blue whales move from South Pole to North Pole to find food. But for an unknown reason, not the ones in Ceylon. 10) World's largest blue whale colony is in Mirissa - Sri Lanka. Up to 1000 Dolphins can be seen at once in Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka Bonus ) If you want to see both Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and Dolphins at one place, Trincomalee - Sri Lanka should be the ideal fit. Please share among your friends. Like our page and follow us to get more updates like this.

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