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All You Need To Know About Ceylon Cinnamon. Cassia Is Not Cinnamon

Friday, June 1, 2018 Posted by admin under General  Health / Mind / Body  Foods & Beverages  Agriculture & Estates 

If you live in Europe or North America, you probably know this spice under the name cinnamon. But that's not right. It's a pretty common mistake because cassia has been sold under the name cinnamon since the begining of time. You can even find it under these different names. There's a good chance that you never seen it before. And that's because you don't find it easily in the supermarkets or in grocery stores. Most of the cinnamon that you're gonna find in your supermarket is gonna be cassia. Latin America actually is the biggest consumer of cinnamon. Mexico loves it so much that it's importing half of the world's production. Scientific name of Ceylon Cinnamon is Cinnamon Zeylanicum.

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